The Tone

Put me three football fields away, put me in the deepest of sleep, put me in the loudest of showers I will hear it. If my kids are crying the cry that has that particular pitch of pain or fear I hear it. It doesn’t matter the barrier. I wasn’t aware of the keen instincts that kick in and are forever a part of you after becoming a mom. They are 100% accurate and if you try to prevent me from responding, prepare to be attacked by a mama bear who has no mercy.
Do you know who put this instinctive protective response inside of me? God! God did this. I believe we are a reflection of God and our parental instincts mirror the love, devotion and unbridled ninja protector of our Heavenly Father.
He is only allowed to respond in full force when we have handed over our lives. But don’t be fooled. We have a papa bear who is for us. God hates to see any of his kids hurt or scared.
Run to His lap. Let Him fight for you. Let God defend your honor and take away the sting of rejection and pain. He is a good Father, and He is for you.

Exodus 14:14
“The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”

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