I hear the Father saying, ”Ask, please, just ask.” He wants to show you the next step. He wants to clear away the confusion, and arm you with wisdom. Just ask and believe.


Jyoti said...

I need wisdom in this season of my life. He has spoken Isaiah 43:18-19, and Isaiah 53 to me. Trusting Him & asking Him for revelation of His word & character to me.

Niki, you are beautiful blessing.

Bill W. said...

Thank you for this wonderful reminder Niki! I first heard your testimony on AWMI and still to this day can't begin to say how much it touched me seeing the close relationship and conversations you have with our Lord; a relationship and conversations that we all can have.

Thanks again!
Bill W. - Grovetown, GA

Judy McEntire said...

Hi Nicki, I met you at Healing Journeys Today Georgetown conference. My name is Judy McEntire and you prayed for my husband’s back condition Saturday evening at prayer time. You asked me where I lived and I said Colleyville and you answered that you lived close by me in Euless and that possibly I would see you and your children shopping at Albertsons on Glade. Well, Nicki, the next day I thought that I should have asked you if there were any good churches in our area that you would recommend. I have never found a church that encourages me like Andrew Womack’s ministry. I would appreciate your advice very much. Thank you, Judy McEntire

Katie Walsh said...

Nikki I fondly remember the wonderful blessings that God gave you through Andrew W’s prayers when he came to your home at the request of your Mother. I remember thinking what a beautiful woman she was and that she did the exact thing I would have done( cutting through the line) and I thought “Good for her ! Lord I don’t know this lady personally but I sure wish I had someone that would do that for me too. I am 72 now and am still waiting for my miracles like Nikki got”. I too pray everyday and I SPEAK TO MY PAIN AND TELL IT TO LEAVE! I will not give up ever. I don’t care if everyone who has the things you prayed against is cured tomorrow. Thank God they are ! I know my healing is on the way. I have just about every disorder and pain syndrome you had Nikki with a few more even. That Satan fella might as well give up trying to get me to cry uncle! IT IS NOT NOW NOR WILL IT EVER HAPPEN. My God has not forgotten about me, He thinks I’m to die for and He knows how much His son hurt on that cross. He knows everything. God sent me a wonderful Christian man that lives me and we are a day apart on our birthdays. We both just turned 72 Nov16 (me) and Nov18th (Michael). We have a teddy bear puppy we named NOAH. God is so good to both of us. Mike asked me “ Do you think God will let us both die together so we don’t have to be lonely?” I said I don’t know Mike but we can always ask him. Mikes first wife died of Cancer. He tells me all the time “ Katie I just could not go through it again. The thought of being here without you is more than I can take”. I pray everyday that God will bless us like that and we even want little Noah to come with us to Heaven. Do you think that’s possible Nikki ? I sure pray it is.
I am asking you and anyone you know to please pray for my healing. I don’t have to tell you Nikki how awful pain is when it’s all through every joint in your body. When you can’t walk or stand or even turn in bed . I’m going to try to get a copy of the DVD from Andrew’s show telling your story. I know it will encourage me and keep me going. God bless you Nikki and your beautiful babies and your brother and your parents. You are such a sweet woman. Your little girl looks so much like you. They are both so very blessed to have you for a mommy. I love you and your whole family. May God continue to bless you with all good things.
Your friend in Christ
Katie Walsh