I feel a spirit of heaviness trying to settle on hearts and minds tonight. Don’t walk but run to your Jesus! He is our shelter, our provider, the Prince of Peace, and the keeper of our hearts. He is faithful and His faithfulness will be evident in this country and our World. Run! He has peace for you.

I Can't


I can’t. I just can’t. To walk in grace and be a worthy representative of Jesus at every moment is beyond me. But here is the good news. As I turn in a relationship daily to my King. As I read and allow the Holy Spirit to remind me of God's Word. My mind is renewed and I am changed from within effortlessly. I will never be a perfect performer but I will display the life of a child well love and lead by Peace and Grace. The world doesn't need actors. They need redeemed and loved humans living in front of them!

Our God is not careless.
When He designed the universe nothing was done mindlessly.
You are no exception. He designed every detail concerning you with great care and purpose.
I have spent the better part of two decades exploring what God designed me to do and the details He so lovingly placed inside of my heart and mind. You are a masterpiece and worthy of celebrating and treasuring.
I pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal more of the wonders that make you uniquely you and unvails more of the beautiful purpose you have been created to fulfill! You are a wonder.



I heard the Father asking His kids to give themselves permission to relax.
”Niki, how do you unwind”
I am sure you would like me to say something holy like scripture meditation or soaking in worship. The truth is I watch stupid YouTube videos about freezer cooking, decluttering, and which Sriracha condiment is the best while I play colorful games on my iPad. It benefits no one but myself and I love it.
You wanna know the truth? God loves when you unwind. When you relax and recharge. He loves you and all that makes you the most balanced version of your self. So here is to the mindless, senseless fun that helps His kids chill out and recharge. We are not robots. We are wonderfully weird humans and He thinks we are awesome!!!
I would love to hear how you chill out.


Don't Give Up

Father, my heart waits for you.
The answers I am seeking can only be found in you. I look back at my life and though I have waited longer then I wanted in many seasons, you have never been late. I choose to remember your faithfulness to me and my family. I choose to look straight ahead and expect to see your faithful hand once again. This is where I am setting my heart. I love you, Father. My hope is secure in you!


I heard a rustling sound in the spirit. I asked God to show me what it was and I was taken to a bedroom. Someone was deeply buried in their fluffy blankets and all the curtains were still pulled shut. But the wind had changed and a solid sliver of light was shining brightly across the bed. The person was becoming restless in their place of slumber. They were waking up!!
Time to take off your pajamas and put on your armor. Stretch widely church.

This awakening is happening one heart at a time. I know you feel the sturring!! Pray for your fellow believers. We were born for such a time as this! 


Honor, over and over in my heart the Holy Spirit has been talking to about honor in this season. To not only see people but individually love them well and with great Honor. I believe as we see God’s character in greater detail through His Word and relationship. It also shapes how we perceive His people and our hearts towards them.

Ask the Father who He wants to reveal to you today and who He is calling you to show love to as you walk in the honor only a child of the King can walk! This is how we display Kingdom living and here and now! 

He Delights in Victory!


Did you know that God absolutely loves to hand you Victory? He delights in you and your success and freedom is His heart’s desire. Return to the Word today friends and let Him show you the way towards everything He has for you.



I Hear the Father humming a lullaby to His kids. ”Sleep my treasures, sleep! I will stay here all night. You are safe. Sleep!”
If you just can’t settle. Open your bible and let it sing to you the song of your good Father. He knows your rest has been challenged. He knows you just want to be settled. Return to the Father’s lap and sleep!

Good News


I heard the Lord asking me to rejoice in the good news reaching the entire world! The wonderful thing about the age of technology is God can and is using it to reach farther than ever before.
He is leaving no one out. This virus and chaos may seem to have stopped normal life in its tracks. But I tell you the Word is being sent out, it is producing life and people are being set free!!!
There is so much good news!!!