Surrender Your Anxiety

I have watched as people become almost offended at the thought of choosing Peace. The idea that they would lay down what is hurting them the most seems to invalidate the effect this affliction has had on their life. Thought the Word tells us anxiety must be surrendered not taken from us.

The culture and laws of God’s kingdom does not operate like the world we live in. What we lose we find, what we give away we gain! God will not wrestle your cares from your clenched fist. He is ready and willing to receive every single burden you lay at his feet.

This can become your normal, and it will always work in your favor. Just like anything else as you practice. You will gain confidence and strength in laying it down earlier and earlier.

In my life, the burden of what is not mine has become heavier and heavier as I am more accustomed to carrying what Jesus has handed to me. Not what the world or even my own conscience has tried to burden me with. It is a daily practice and the lifestyle we were made for.  Surrender your anxiety.

Psalm 46:10 tpt
Surrender your anxiety!
Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God.
I am the God above all the nations,
and I will be exalted throughout the whole earth.

Mama’s, it is time to bring it!!!

It is Summertime!

The sun is shining; the water is warm. It’s time to bring it!
What exactly is “it”? It is your smile, your joy, and your presence with your kiddos.
This also includes your 7-year-old baby weight, your stretch marks, and the cellulite that is as evident as your love for your kids.

The mom at the splash pad is not thinking about you. They are thinking about their own insecurities. Who is thinking of you are your kiddos. This is one of those magic summers in their childhood. Your presence or lack thereof will be remembered. Bring the lumps, bring the bumps, and bring the curves that make for the best hugs possible!

You are beautiful,
you are wanted,
and you are their mama!
Bring it!!

“He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children. Praise the Lord!”
Psalm 113:9

Please share this with every mama you know that need a little reminder.

Let It Out

The song, the kind word, or the expression of love God placed on the inside you let it out. God uses people to bless people. That nagging thought of reaching outside of yourself with encouragement, artistic expression,  a hug, or even a joke. That is the answer to the heart cry of another person in your life.

Don’t worry about the level of response or the lack of praise that follows. At some point, you were the only one to be blessed by someone’s obedience. But what happened inside you was life changing.
If it is for only one, it is worth the risk. It is worth the exposure.

You are not to judge the timing or their worthiness. You are only to obey and release.
God is good, God knows His kids, God wants to use you. Just let it out!!!

Ephesians 2:10
We have become his poetry, a re-created people that will fulfill the destiny he has given each of us, for we are joined to Jesus, the Anointed One. Even before we were born, God planned in advance our destiny and the good works we would do to fulfill it!


Hey Guys,
Don’t be discouraged when you struggle.
Be encouraged by Peace. The places you find ease where previously fear and strain ruled. The places where you are still learning and growing. Those are the places you will rejoice in days to come.
There were times all you prayed for was a victory in these areas. You have it now. Celebrate!!!

Do not forget your past victories because of your current struggles.
God is not asking for your perfection only that you remember His faithfulness and rejoice as He comes through again! Our God is faithful!!!

Psalms 118:5-7 tpt
Out of my deep anguish and pain I prayed,
and God, you helped me as a father.
You came to my rescue and broke open the way
into a beautiful and broad place.
Now I know, Lord, that you are for me,
and I will never fear what man can do to me.
For you stand beside me as my hero who rescues me.
I’ve seen with my own eyes the defeat of my enemies.
I’ve triumphed over them all!

Light of Life

I see these intricate fantasy novels and movies, and I am astonished. So much effort and thought has been put in to make a world of heroes and heroines. Where light prevails over darkness. They seem to awaken something within us. It is not a surprise when you consider who we were made to be. What the deepest part of our heart knows to be true.

The bearers of light.  A people entrusted with the light and reflection of the Perfect One. That is who we are called to be. It is rare to meet someone who radiates this hope and fulfillment that we all long for. Yet as children of the one true God that is our calling. Yes, we get tired. Yes, we want to sit down and eat Queso and watch Marvel movies. At the same time the fullness of life that has been deposited on the inside of us. It is spilling out to the world around us. We need only to stay looking at His face. Responding to His voice and remembering all that Jesus has done.

Next thing you know your light will shine and attract the lost around you. His light shines, and you get the honor of watching people feel seen, feel understood and walk into a full life. This journey is worth it. It is not a performance but a beautiful calling and great honor. Time to shine!! 

John 8:12
Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Matthew 5:14-16
 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven."