Sunday Morning

I have had a peaceful Sunday morning.
Quiet time, feed the dogs, feed the kids, clean the kitchen. As I was doing all these things, God kept showing me a picture of going and sitting at my computer desk. That puzzled me, I had no intention of getting on my computer and had no work to accomplished. I wanted to read on the couch quietly while the kids are occupied with playdough. This image would not leave me. It is like a distant memory in my mind or a shadow in the background.
The Holy Spirit and I have a deal. He is responsible for reminding me of things God has asked of me. I am responsible for responding.
Anywho... I left the kids and went to my desk expecting God to meet me and something unexpected and awesome. Do you want to know what happened when I sat down? I found where my cat had thrown up all over my wood desk. It was apparent that it needed to be cleaned up asap before anything was permanently damaged.
Not everything is spiritual, but in everything there is a Spirit who wants to help you, guide you and bless you. If you let Him, God has your back at all times and in all things. Don't dismiss that strange though that keeps returning or the random feeling that you need to call someone. These promptings and tiny whispers are part of the everyday victory God has for us.
P.S. My desk is thoroughly cleaned now, and my cat oversaw the whole cleaning process with great judgment.

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