Rejoice in the middle friends. When your days are not at their lowest and you are not in the highest moments of victory. It is here in the middle where character, perseverance, and true beauty are cultivated. The truth is in these relatively uneventful days we find the most important things in life. I am so thankful I am not at my lows and the beauty of mountain tops is always longed for. But I am truly thankful for this middle. I have been here before and the fruit of this place is lasting and true. Moment by moment I am thankful for this middle. Lord, have your way in me.
Here is to you my friends walking in the land between hopelessness and manifested victory. I see you. I am walking beside you. What beauty there is in this place. Keep walking.

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Micki said...

I am so awed and touched by God's blessings for you.

I know many people going thru what you've been thru , some with even worse symptoms, some less, some are dying. They are suffering from poisoning as a result of MRIs with contrast. Some people's symptoms started during the MRI, some much later. The response by most doctors to their difficulties has been disbelief and mistreatment. Some have also been diagnosed, like you, with Fibromyalgia.

I am wondering if you had an MRI with contrast, perhaps following your accident? Obviously, I'm thinking that you may have experienced this, as well. I know God can can/does heal us and again I am in awe at his goodness.

I would eally would appreciate a response from you regarding the MRI with contrast. The contrast, gadolinium, is a terrible poison that causes many people difficulties.

Wishing you love and continued blessings.