I hear the Father saying, ”Ask, please, just ask.” He wants to show you the next step. He wants to clear away the confusion, and arm you with wisdom. Just ask and believe.


Jyoti said...

I need wisdom in this season of my life. He has spoken Isaiah 43:18-19, and Isaiah 53 to me. Trusting Him & asking Him for revelation of His word & character to me.

Niki, you are beautiful blessing.

Bill W. said...

Thank you for this wonderful reminder Niki! I first heard your testimony on AWMI and still to this day can't begin to say how much it touched me seeing the close relationship and conversations you have with our Lord; a relationship and conversations that we all can have.

Thanks again!
Bill W. - Grovetown, GA

Judy McEntire said...

Hi Nicki, I met you at Healing Journeys Today Georgetown conference. My name is Judy McEntire and you prayed for my husband’s back condition Saturday evening at prayer time. You asked me where I lived and I said Colleyville and you answered that you lived close by me in Euless and that possibly I would see you and your children shopping at Albertsons on Glade. Well, Nicki, the next day I thought that I should have asked you if there were any good churches in our area that you would recommend. I have never found a church that encourages me like Andrew Womack’s ministry. I would appreciate your advice very much. Thank you, Judy McEntire