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I just had Fear try to attack my heart with anxiety. Seemingly, out of nowhere, I felt like my chest was being crushed. All these "What If" thoughts rushed into my mind. It was at that moment I got up. I went and got my bible and just said, "Lord, show me your promise!!!"
I literally opened my bible and just started reading. The Living Word danced before my eyes, and my heartbeat began to slow. I started rejoicing in the truth of my King and just like that… it was over!
I know I am not the only one the enemy likes to tempt with Fear. Sometimes we don't even see it coming. No matter what, run back to the Word, my friends. Let it remind you of His promises and Victory. Peace will minister to your heart. We always have a choice. Always
(The scripture highlighted is where my heart settled.)
Psalms 115:9-11
O Israel, trust the Lord!
He is your helper and your shield.
O priests, descendants of Aaron, trust the Lord! He is your helper and your shield.
All you who fear the Lord, trust the Lord!
He is your helper and your shield.

To Those Schooling at Home

Hi Mamas,
I hope to encourage all you new homeschool and schooling from home families. I want to encourage you to go easy on yourself. My husband and I planned on homeschooling our kids even before we started our family. I have had years to prepare and plan yet, this is the picture of our “Homeschool Room”. It is also known as our kitchen table. We don’t have a Pinterest worthy room or even a dedicated space. I roll my cart from IKEA over and we just go!
You don’t have to do this perfectly. If God has lead you in peace to keep them home. Then school them in your home, in your real-life spaces, and take it one day at a time. You can do this with His help. He promises!!!

I know wave after wave of chaos and destruction is rushing over the land. It all seems almost too much to wrap our heads around and impossible to reconcile in our hearts. But, our unchanging, never failing, kind and faithful God is mightier then any chaos and any lie.
Lord, We celebrate your mighty goodness! We will not be overtaken.

I Am Rejoicing

Yes, the world is in chaos. Yes, this is a CRAZY time. But, over and over in my heart, I keep rejoicing. To be sent here for such a time and this. To be allowed to witness the faithfulness and kindness of my God to His people. I am rejoicing and honored to speak of His goodness!!!

What the World Needs

What our world needs is a revelation of God’s love for them as each heart receives the love of God for themselves. Our world will be healed. One heart at a time. Because He first loved us.


Let your heart settle into the beauty of our King!

Keep your eyes fixed on Him. He is our victory.
He is our peace and worthy of our undivided praise!
It is time to watch for Him at every turn. Our God is faithful!!!

Show Me Your Ways

I am fixing my gaze on the
one who is Truth.
It is the only way not
to be deceived or
become weary.
I firmly place my Hope
in you, Father.
Show me your ways!

The Only Way

All of this can only be done through the love of God. His love that we receive through Jesus. We can only give what we have received. So if you are feeling empty or like your love or forgiveness is growing thin. Return to the one who is Love and who wants you to receive every ounce of forgiveness He has already bought for you. Be filled and then pour out from the abundance given to you. This is the only way.

Let Us Praise Him

One of our greatest weapons is praise. We choose to remember the past faithfulness of the God we serve. We choose to sing of His goodness instead of settling into fear. As we zoom in our focus to the one who is Peace. He is magnified, and lies of despair and hopelessness have no place to stand. Magnify the Lord with me, friends! He is worthy of our Praise and inhabits the praises of His people! Let’s praise Him together!

Go and read Psalm 34!!!

I will Sustain You

I woke up with the words ”you sustain me.” O
n my heart.
The one who has always been faithful will remain. He will still be my friend and the one who defends my life until I am fully satisfied in years.
I settle my heart on the one who has proven himself time and again. You will sustain me.
Thank you for being my very source of life, Father.

What Is My Part

I watched a restrained man begging for help and unable to breathe as men who were sworn to help knelt on his neck and stood by doing nothing. Then he died. 
This is the latest tragedy in a line too long to count. I have been asking again and again. Father, what is my part? How do I help? How do I not hurt? What would you have me do?
I was born in the deep south and was raised to see and respect all people. I was also born into a privilege that has shielded me from more than I know and blinds me to even more. Father, show me.
I want to respond like Jesus. I want to be angry and not sin like Jesus. I want to love like Jesus. Father, what is my part? 
We have to keep asking and then obey. If we want to help bring the change, we have to ask, and then we do something. Father, what is my part?

Don't Give Up

This picture was taken while I was deep into labor with my second child. I can vividly remember the exhaustion and the assurance that I could, and I would deliver her. I had done this before, and I knew for certain that I was made for this. Yes, it hurt a lot, yes labor lasted longer then I thought I could bear but, she came. We were both healthy had months of stretching and growing and get us both ready for birth.
You may be in the long stretch of waiting for the promised life to come. With every breath, your aching and stretching may be screaming at you. Remember, you were made for this. You have been here before with another promise, and it was delivered. You may feel this has taken too long, but just wait. Beauty is coming, and you will hold it in both hands! Press on. Life is coming!!!

Galatians 6:9
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.


I hear the Father asking me to dream with Him. To take a walk and ask all the ”What if?” questions. The things He is purposing would of in the past scared the ever-loving boogers out of me.

By nature, I can be a nesting peacekeeper, who doesn't strive beyond the known boundaries. God has shown up time and time again, earning my trust. I see myself getting excited at the possibilities of ”what if?” I feel free and safe in dreaming big and allowing God to mold the desires in my heart.
Now I guarantee you if I get tired or distracted for too long, my burrowing, fearful ways will try to come back.

So at this moment, I choose connection; I embrace the widows where He asks me to rest. I lean deeper into His chest and Dream.
What is He asking of you today?