Father, I trust you with the details, the when, where, why, and how. I know what I need to know you will reveal. Thank you for protecting me from knowledge to heavy to carry. Thank you for equipping me to recognize the truth when you bring it and the wisdom to know how to walk it out.
You get to hold the master plan of my life. Thank you for wanting to hold it all for me.

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Katie Walsh said...

Oh, AMEN to that. I temember watching Nikki's healing journey with Andrew. It was so very uplifting watching her miracle unfold. I always dteamed of having 2 dreams come true, no i meant 3. I wanted to be a nurse since i was 3 yests old. I was sset in my ways even at 3 and i was not going to listen yo anyone who told me otherwise. Even my own mother tried to talk me out of it. I was not having any of it. I was going to be a nurse and that was that. My second dream was to have 12 babies. My mother though i was just going through a stage and i would outgrow it. The 3rd dream
i had was , i was going to marry a bald man. By now my entire family thought i was crazy. My mother always was against every dream i had. No one believed i could do any of this but my Daddy. He said i should talk to God about what i wanted and see what would happen. I knew no matter who was against me my Daddy would always stick up for me. He passed away in 2008 on Thanksgiving day. I really have not celebrated that day since then. For me , everyday is a thanksgiving day. My wonderful Savior has seen fit to show me or tell me something to be thankful for everyday. I did not get the 12 babies but i did get 5 beautiful blessed babies . 3 boys and 2 girls. i lovrd being pregnant and i loved even the labor and delivery part. I had all very big babies and deliveted them all without even a tylenol. I breast fed them all until they wraned themselves between 3 and 4 years of age. My first baby Amy will be 49 yrs old nextMay and has never had a cavity or needed to have her teeth cleanef
d . None of my children ever has had any cavaties yet. Praise God for ths
at. You see what i mean about my dreams . God made ebery ome come true. I had my babies first, then went to nursing school when they were in H.S and now i have finally found my bald man. My first 2 husbands have passed aws
ay and I am 72 now. Michael and i have been together 8 years this Christmas. Thank you God for my bald man. I am not rich , neither is Mike but God see to our every need. I have been in a wheelchair for 6 years. Thats another story for another day. Just know that God has me and Michael and my 5 children and their families in the palm of his hand. I pray everyday that Gods will be done, not mine.
Thank you all for reading this post and i hope i have shown you proof of Gods mercy and goodness every minute of every day.
God bless you all.
Katie Walsh