My Mark

17 years ago today. Has it indeed been that long? Our relationship is almost a whole grown up.
I have said since the beginning that choosing Mark was my second best decision next to Jesus. When we met it scared me. I was 9 months post receiving my healing and set on bible college. I would attend Charis and then set off for the mission field. My God had a bigger plan. He had designed a mate who would give me space to become a whole person. One who didn’t just know who she was in the spirit. He would allow me to explore what kind of eggs I liked and what size jeans I wear when I eat a well rounded American carb filled diet.
My precious, steadfast husband has been an intricate part of the payback and fulfillment of what was always meant to be. I did not marry a knight in shining armor. That bright image is reserved for the one who died for me. Instead, I was given a fellow knight. One who persistently peruses the grace of God and the fruit of a life that flows from that grace. He is the first one to remind me to pick up my sword and fight! He is the first one to turn my eyes back to my savior instead of disappearing into human arms for comfort.
We have celebrated many victories, we have chosen to watch with expectation when disappointment wanted to settle in. We have grown, and we are growing. I love us!!! Happy Anniversary Mark! You wear your armor so well. 


Unknown said...

Hello. My name isSaint. I have posted here before and forgot to leave my name. Thank you for sharing about your family.

Beth said...

Dear Niki, this is so beautiful and inspiring and touched this mamma-heart. Love to you and family!