I hear the Father asking me to dream with Him. To take a walk and ask all the ”What if?” questions. The things He is purposing would of in the past scared the ever-loving boogers out of me.

By nature, I can be a nesting peacekeeper, who doesn't strive beyond the known boundaries. God has shown up time and time again, earning my trust. I see myself getting excited at the possibilities of ”what if?” I feel free and safe in dreaming big and allowing God to mold the desires in my heart.
Now I guarantee you if I get tired or distracted for too long, my burrowing, fearful ways will try to come back.

So at this moment, I choose connection; I embrace the widows where He asks me to rest. I lean deeper into His chest and Dream.
What is He asking of you today?

Known By God

God designed us with such intention. He gave us eyelashes to protect our eyes from dust. He created us to respond with tears to release joy and sorrow. You were designed intentionally. God knew what you would face and what would serve you. Nothing has changed regarding your needs. God created them, and God will meet them. He knew before you did what the enemy would throw at you. 

Don't be fooled for a moment that it is up to you to gather all you need. 

You are known more intimately then you can imagine. He knows you, and He adores you. Now grow in your knowledge of His character. That way, you can trust Him more fully to take care of you.

Grab It

This verse leaped at me this morning. Often I will see a scripture, see a picture in my mind or remember a verse. It will come and then goes almost like a leaf floating by. I have the opportunity to grab it and study it or let it float along.

Often within a few hours, the same thing will float by again. The Holy Spirit is so kind as to give me more than one opportunity to grab what God is saying. When I do grab it after meditating, reading, writing it, or singing it what I see is expanded. God doesn’t often clarify or even color in the picture until I choose to hold it and look closer.

If you have something float by today, grab it! If you have missed an opportunity, look for the next thing, God highlights for you. What He brings will always be accompanied by Peace and never contradict the Word of God. This practice is like a muscle and will become a life source for you to perceive what the Father is saying to you.

My God is Kind

God is Kind and honest in His delivery. He is never cruel but always tells the truth. God has presented to me truth in many different ways and through different people. The common denominator is it never humiliated me or made me want to run. God’s truth and voice always call us to His arms. 

If you hear facts that make you want to hide. If you are being beaten up by past choices. This is not God. He is kind, loving, forgiving and compassionate. You can reject the accusing voice and return to God’s word that says you are forgiven, covered, and deeply loved. That is the honest truth.

1 John 4:8
Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8
Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never ends.

I choose rest

My sweet daughter, for the first time, asked to take a nap today. She knew that meant missing some playtime and sleeping alone. I was so proud of her self-awareness and the maturity to know when to rest. 

I was relishing as a mom the victory when I heard the Father. He said, ”I want to teach you how to choose rest more often. To be secure enough to miss out on your plans to enjoy fully what I have for you."

Rest has never been easy for me. I always see the ”want to’s, should do’s, must do’s” I also understand that when I have chosen rest everything necessary is completed.
Perhaps this post is only a reminder to my self to rest. To let go and settle into refreshing. Future Niki, this one is for you. Rest!

Psalm 23:1-3
The Lord is my shepherd;
I have all that I need.
He lets me rest in green meadows;
he leads me beside peaceful streams.
He renews my strength.
He guides me along right paths,
bringing honor to his name.


The Father's heart is that our Hope would rest on more than Luke 1:37. He designed it that through pursuing a personal relationship; we will know who He is. That means we know God's character and His will towards us.

God's character is loving and kind. His will is that we prosper and be in good health just as our mind, will, and emotions thrive in health. (3 John 1:2) Our God is good. He is for us, and absolutely nothing is too complicated for him.

Now I marry my established faith with His loving character and unfailing power and watch prosperity and fullness of life explode!! This walk was never meant to be lived in a blind trust. It was meant to be taken step by step in relational trust that is built.


All the seeking. All the looking for answers. The choice to never be satisfied with less than abundant life. It is worth it. 
When God designed us. We were created to thrive and live in a grace-filled Rhythm. None of this, ”just getting by, always a fight, junk!”
You are right to be still seeking more. The thing deep inside that says, ”Keep Going! Don't Stop!” that is the Holy Spirit.
He wants you to use your will not to settle, not to give up. You are right in your discontent. You also know that only your designer holds all the pieces to the life you know you were made to live.
Until we get to Heaven, we are faced with the choice to settle or press into more of what God has for us. It is a growing, learning, stretching, and satisfying dance. Keep Going! Keep asking for more! Your designer is thrilled to give you a fully satisfying life! Don’t settle!

I have Questions

Certain scriptures make me say," what?" Life happens, and I see events unfold, and I am confused. I do not question God's love for me or His goodness. I do not question my own foundation. But y' all I have questions.

God is okay with that. He is ready like a mature, prepared parent to field our questions. Some He answers immediately. Some He holds in His hands until we can bear the weight of the answer.

I want my kids to have questions. I want them to work out what they believe, not just accept what is told to them. Then they will own their own opinions and stand firmly with their roots, not someone else's.

Don't think that your questions disqualify you from a genuine relationship with God. Authentic relationships are built on honesty and transparency. Go for it! Ask all the things. Your job is to respond when He calls you to His Word. Recognize as He confirms what He has already answered through people or circumstance.
God loves you, and He already hears your heart. Just say it and hear God's heart.

 It won't break you. It will not make God mad. It will build you up, and it will delight the Father's heart!

Matthews 7:7
"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, 
and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."


My kids and I have a thing where after agreeing to future plans or them acknowledge what I have asked of them with joy. We high-five each other. It kinda seals the deal and is a celebration!
Last night as I was thinking over the day. I saw victories and failures. Fruit and weeds. Then I saw the Father. He was talking about tomorrow and the week ahead. He asked me to simplify my expectations and focus on a small list. Then He high-fived me.
That was new, and I totally knew what that meant. It means I hear you, and you hear me. We are moving forward in agreement and joy! Done deal!
I want to encourage you to lay your days out with the Father. Let him paint a picture on your heart of where he wants you to put your hands. Then move forward in agreement and joy! He is your partner, and God is waiting for you to high-five him back!!!

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord completely,
and do not rely on your own opinions.
With all your heart rely on him to guide you, and he will lead you in every decision you make. Become intimate with him in whatever you do, and he will lead you wherever you go.

p.s. I know this is a thumb's up, but He is so cute! Had to post.

Loosen Your Grip

I hear the Father whispering. 
You see all that needs to be done, and the perceived time is ticking down faster and faster. 
I want to help. I want to take the burden from you loosen your grip. 

I know you wonder how you could ever let go. You want to, but how? Look at my face. It is reflected in my Word. Let me show you how capable, how gracious, and complete my plans for you are. I won't drop a single detail. Your exchange will be for Peace. The pieces I leave in your hands I have already equipped you to carry. 

You will open your hands to me as my love permeates your aching muscles. This is not a test. I didn't bring you to this point of exhaustion. But I will refresh your soul with my kindness, and I will astound you with even the pieces you have forgotten being placed perfectly. I have always known your heart's desire. Let me hold it. Loosen your grip. 

           Psalm 139:1-5

Lord, you have seen what is in my heart.
    You know all about me.

You know when I sit down and when I get up.
    You know what I’m thinking even though you are far away.
You know when I go out to work and when I come back home.
    You know exactly how I live.
Lord, even before I speak a word,
    you know all about it.
You are all around me, 
behind me and in front of me.
You hold me safe in your hand.


I believe we are awakening to what has always been. The provision for purpose and a people walking in matured Love was God's plan from the beginning. The world has always had it's counterfeit for it. Proclaiming that Love was the answer and all we needed.

Today I am telling you that an awakening to the One who IS Love is here. Scales that have sat on the eyes of generations are falling off. A thirst for authentic connection and the purpose that comes from knowing you belong. This was always meant to be the wind in our sails.
You will know the ones who have joined the ranks of the awakened. They will have eyes to see the people around them with genuine Love. They will move in compassion and kindness. They will stand firm to protect the weaker ones, and their unshakable footing will be Peace.

It will permeate businesses, schools antiquated gatherings of God's people who never grew passed being babies. This is the path of the maturing. The ones who are bringing up families of their own and are not afraid to look different from their fathers.
They instead look exactly like Jesus and the ones looking for Him will run to these Christ-like ones. The people of His Love. The Awakened

Ephesians 5:13-14
Whatever the revelation-light exposes, it will also correct, 
and everything that reveals truth is light to the soul. 
This is why the Scripture says,
"Arise, you sleeper! Rise up from the dead and the Anointed One will shine his light into you!"


The Father desperately wants to reveal His greatness and true character to you. Not because He needs to be praised. Not because He needs to be glorified. No, God wants you to truly see Him so that the lens you see the rest of the world through is all compared to His steady, loving awesomeness!

God wants every battle and attack to have to measure its self against your knowledge of Pure Love. Respond to His calling on your heart. Run to your secret place were the one who desires to grow and rest with you is waiting. Then when the wolves start howling, and your heart starts pounding. You can take a deep breath and settle back into His majestic, awesome faithfulness.  He is calling.  Will you answer?

Psalms 25:14
There’s a private place reserved for the lovers of God,
where they sit near him and receive
the revelation-secrets of his promises.


My heart feels stirred up like a pond after a storm. I find myself fighting tears more then I'm comfortable with, and the funny thing is I can not put my finger on exactly why.  That is okay.
I am not trying to sit in sadness. No, that's not it. I am not even sad, I am actually tender. God is doing something in my heart. Pressing with an even hand as the playdough of my heart stretches farther.
I have nothing profound to share. I only want to encourage you. If you feel the sculptor molding you. If you feel a bit undone and yet wholly held. Stay in His hand. Let God finish what He started in you. He won't miss a detail.
You will have the grace to take care of your" must do's." Just don't stand up in your heart until He says finished.
It's okay to be red nosed and held.
You are safe in love and made perfect in weakness.
This is where I sit.

Jeremiah 18:3-6 ESV
So I went down to the potter's house, and there he was working at his wheel. And the vessel he was making of clay was spoiled in the potter's hand, and he reworked it into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to do.
Then the word of the Lord came to me:" O house of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter has done? Declares the Lord. Behold, like the clay in the potter's hand, so are you in my hand, O house of Israel.

Heart's Crying

I can hear it.
I can hear hearts crying today. They are crying from long felt pain and disappointments so deep your cry no longer make a sound. You Father is calling back, and He is asking you to run, don’t walk into His arms. He has sent the answers the first time you prayed. Some of the answers are about to break in front of your eyes. Don’t sit in this pain. Press forward straight into his enfolding faithfulness.

Listen to this song and settle deeply in His secure love. Your story will not end here. Your heart will breath fresh air again. Run!!!

I look up to the mountains and hills, longing for God’s help.
But then I realize that our true help and protection
come only from the Lord,
our Creator who made the heavens and the earth.
He will guard and guide me, never letting me stumble or fall.
God is my keeper; he will never forget nor ignore me. 
He will never slumber nor sleep;
he is the Guardian-God for his people, Israel.
Jehovah himself will watch over you;

he’s always at your side to shelter you safely in his presence.
He’s protecting you from all danger both day and night.
He will keep you from every form of evil or calamity
as he continually watches over you.
You will be guarded by God himself.
You will be safe when you leave your home
and safely you will return.
He will protect you now,
and he’ll protect you forevermore!
Psalm 121

The Kingdom

We had a fantastic day yesterday. Kayley and I dressed up and pretended to be Belle. My son pretended to be a spy, and my extended family joined in the magic. This is hands down my favorite photo of the event. I found myself hiding the memories in my heart as they happened.

The incredible thing about my kids is they believe my husband and I. We have a "We don't lie to our kid's policy" in our home. Sometimes we reserve the right not to tell them everything, but we do not lie. This has served us so well.

I realized when looking at this photo. If I told my children, they were from a royal bloodline. That their royalty gave them the rights to an entire kingdom, they would believe me. The thing is because of what Jesus did, they are truly royal. They have an inheritance of Righteousness, Peace, and Joy that is the very substance of God's Kingdom. I pray daily that my kids will have a personal, profound revelation of who they are and what is theirs. I also hope that they know God would never lie to them, never set them up for disappointment and always hopes for them to be settled in truth.

I pray that as God whispers your true identity to You. Your heart is filled with excitement and a deep sense of belonging. God's Word tells us of these facts. God is who He says He is. We are who God says we are. We have inherited a magnificent kingdom, the Kingdom of Truth.

James 2:5
So listen carefully, my dear brothers and sisters, 
hasn't God chosen the poor in the world's eyes to be those who are rich in faith? 
And won't they be the heirs of the kingdom-realm he promised to those who love him?

Romans 14:17
 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking
 but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Same Message Different Minister

I went to write a Father's Day tribute to my husband. What I was struck with was how different we are from one another. Mark is an exceptional father to our treasures. He is also wholly and completely different than me in how he parents.
In our parenting, I am soft; he is loud, I am flexible, and he is steadfast, I am the nurturer, and he is the teacher. He is different, and I am so very, very thankful. We both know the same Jesus and parenting from the foundation of His love and truth has been the glue to everything. It has also been the grace when we mess up often.

God knew what He was doing when He made it take two people to make babies. Not just two people but a male and female. I am thankful for our differences. It has made our home more balanced and able to minister to all sides of our very male and female children.

If you are a fellow co-parent or if you have found yourself serving beside someone so very different then you. It is time to celebrate! You don't have to check all the boxes or know how to hold all the balls. You have a partner that was designed to carry what you seem always to drop!

Ephesians 4:15
Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.

Happy Father's Day, my Love. 
You are exactly what we needed.
 Let alone you are all kinds of cute. 
I love you, and I am thankful for us!!!

Intimate Sculptor

God held you in His hands and carefully formed your very being. Every detail and freckle was placed with intention by your designer. To think that the one who took the time to make you doesn't care about every single thing concerning you makes zero sense. In fact, the longing of God's heart is to make you whole again.

Do not allow the enemy or even your conscience to convince you that one piece of your story is hidden from Him. The aches in your body that have been there so long they seem to have become a part of you. Don't worry. Your Father knows what He intended to be and what is a lie. He remembers the hidden desires that were never fulfilled. He knows the way you feel best when you move and express yourself. He knows who you are. He made you. 

Now in this acknowledgment, we can lay our whole selves in His hands and in peace allow Him to remove what was added and fill in what was once lost. He is your loving, caring, faithful, intimate Sculptor. 

Psalms 139:14-16 tpt
How thoroughly you know me, Lord!
 You even formed every bone in my body
when you created me in the secret place,
carefully, skillfully shaping me from nothing to something.
You saw who you created me to be before I became me!
Before I’d ever seen the light of day,
the number of days you planned for me
were already recorded in your book.

Correction Can Be Sweet

It has been a challenging week for me as a parent (growth spurt, colds, Big feelings in little people.) So much of my time with my children is spent teaching them emotional intelligence. How to interact with other humans. How to navigate relationships and even decipher their own feelings. A significant way I am teaching my kids is by being honest with them about my feelings and failures. Showing my humanity is humbling to me and empowering to them.

I lost my cool with my son yesterday. I raised my voice and got fussy when a simple conversation would have solved the problem. As I was tucking them into bed, I apologized and asked him to forgive me. My sweet boy hugged me tightly and said," I'm sorry I got frustrated, too, mama." Man...... God is so faithful to teach me.

You know what? My Father God has never had to apologize to me. Not even one time. He is always kind, always loving, never selfish, or defensive. He gives us the loving discipline and emotional intelligence to grow and learn like humans. All while He is perfect in actions and words towards us.

If the voice of correction you are hearing is a voice that should apologize for lacking in biblical love, it is not your Heavenly Father. He is always kind, always loving, and speaking life over you.
Keep the written Word in front of you and remind yourself how the Father truly speaks to you. You will receive truth and give out of that truth. You will know exactly where to run, and your words and actions of repentance will happen quickly when you mess up. He is our Good, good Father!!

Psalms 94:12
Lord Yah, there’s such a blessing that comes
when you teach us your word and your ways.
Even the sting of your correction can be sweet.

1John 3:1
Look with wonder at the depth of the Father’s marvelous love that he has lavished on us! He has called us and made us his very own beloved children.

Those People

I’m one of “Those People” the ones who can see God in a dumpster fire. The ones who can turn a discussion about ladybugs into a deep dive on God removing the devouring pests from our lives.

There is a reason for this. Not that I like to make everything overly spiritual or even profound. In fact, my mind is filled with show tunes and movie quotes a lot of the time. It is that I see Him in every situation. He certainly doesn’t bring the bad things, but He has never left them unchanged for my good. In the quiet, in between places He is there. The great I AM. Never forcing Himself and always present.

So many Christians are so focused on fighting Satan they forget to see Jesus. I know the enemy has permeated almost every area we see, touch, and feel. I also know that if we focus our energy on talking with Jesus and learning His heart through the Word of God. The things which are toxic or twisted will become extremely evident, and the chance to edit them will naturally happen.

Be far more Jesus relationship minded then devil hunting friends. There is ease and joy and power in this mindset. Let alone a fun, loving and life-giving friendship to focus on!!

 What could be a better use of our time then to acknowledge the ever-present friend who everything good comes from?  Are you one of the people who have eyes to see Him turning every situation into victory? Are you one of “Those People”?

Matthew 13:16-17
 “But your eyes are privileged, for they see. Delighted are your ears, for they are open to hear all these things. Many prophets and godly people in times past yearned to see these days of miracles that you’ve been favored to see. They would have given everything to hear the revelation you’ve been favored to hear. Yet they didn’t get to see as much as a glimpse or hear even a whisper.”

Surrender Your Anxiety

I have watched as people become almost offended at the thought of choosing Peace. The idea that they would lay down what is hurting them the most seems to invalidate the effect this affliction has had on their life. Thought the Word tells us anxiety must be surrendered not taken from us.

The culture and laws of God’s kingdom does not operate like the world we live in. What we lose we find, what we give away we gain! God will not wrestle your cares from your clenched fist. He is ready and willing to receive every single burden you lay at his feet.

This can become your normal, and it will always work in your favor. Just like anything else as you practice. You will gain confidence and strength in laying it down earlier and earlier.

In my life, the burden of what is not mine has become heavier and heavier as I am more accustomed to carrying what Jesus has handed to me. Not what the world or even my own conscience has tried to burden me with. It is a daily practice and the lifestyle we were made for.  Surrender your anxiety.

Psalm 46:10 tpt
Surrender your anxiety!
Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God.
I am the God above all the nations,
and I will be exalted throughout the whole earth.

Mama’s, it is time to bring it!!!

It is Summertime!

The sun is shining; the water is warm. It’s time to bring it!
What exactly is “it”? It is your smile, your joy, and your presence with your kiddos.
This also includes your 7-year-old baby weight, your stretch marks, and the cellulite that is as evident as your love for your kids.

The mom at the splash pad is not thinking about you. They are thinking about their own insecurities. Who is thinking of you are your kiddos. This is one of those magic summers in their childhood. Your presence or lack thereof will be remembered. Bring the lumps, bring the bumps, and bring the curves that make for the best hugs possible!

You are beautiful,
you are wanted,
and you are their mama!
Bring it!!

“He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children. Praise the Lord!”
Psalm 113:9

Please share this with every mama you know that need a little reminder.

Let It Out

The song, the kind word, or the expression of love God placed on the inside you let it out. God uses people to bless people. That nagging thought of reaching outside of yourself with encouragement, artistic expression,  a hug, or even a joke. That is the answer to the heart cry of another person in your life.

Don’t worry about the level of response or the lack of praise that follows. At some point, you were the only one to be blessed by someone’s obedience. But what happened inside you was life changing.
If it is for only one, it is worth the risk. It is worth the exposure.

You are not to judge the timing or their worthiness. You are only to obey and release.
God is good, God knows His kids, God wants to use you. Just let it out!!!

Ephesians 2:10
We have become his poetry, a re-created people that will fulfill the destiny he has given each of us, for we are joined to Jesus, the Anointed One. Even before we were born, God planned in advance our destiny and the good works we would do to fulfill it!


Hey Guys,
Don’t be discouraged when you struggle.
Be encouraged by Peace. The places you find ease where previously fear and strain ruled. The places where you are still learning and growing. Those are the places you will rejoice in days to come.
There were times all you prayed for was a victory in these areas. You have it now. Celebrate!!!

Do not forget your past victories because of your current struggles.
God is not asking for your perfection only that you remember His faithfulness and rejoice as He comes through again! Our God is faithful!!!

Psalms 118:5-7 tpt
Out of my deep anguish and pain I prayed,
and God, you helped me as a father.
You came to my rescue and broke open the way
into a beautiful and broad place.
Now I know, Lord, that you are for me,
and I will never fear what man can do to me.
For you stand beside me as my hero who rescues me.
I’ve seen with my own eyes the defeat of my enemies.
I’ve triumphed over them all!

Light of Life

I see these intricate fantasy novels and movies, and I am astonished. So much effort and thought has been put in to make a world of heroes and heroines. Where light prevails over darkness. They seem to awaken something within us. It is not a surprise when you consider who we were made to be. What the deepest part of our heart knows to be true.

The bearers of light.  A people entrusted with the light and reflection of the Perfect One. That is who we are called to be. It is rare to meet someone who radiates this hope and fulfillment that we all long for. Yet as children of the one true God that is our calling. Yes, we get tired. Yes, we want to sit down and eat Queso and watch Marvel movies. At the same time the fullness of life that has been deposited on the inside of us. It is spilling out to the world around us. We need only to stay looking at His face. Responding to His voice and remembering all that Jesus has done.

Next thing you know your light will shine and attract the lost around you. His light shines, and you get the honor of watching people feel seen, feel understood and walk into a full life. This journey is worth it. It is not a performance but a beautiful calling and great honor. Time to shine!! 

John 8:12
Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Matthew 5:14-16
 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven."

Who Are You?

Your trauma. Your illness. This is not the story of your life. It is a chapter to be written in victory! When I first meet people. There is no trace of the sick girl I once was. They have no idea until I intentionally tell them what Jesus did so many years ago.  My life instead looks like a woman who did not have years stolen or growing experiences missed. The complete payback has been astonishing.

You are not called to be identified or recognized by your trauma. You are called to be known as children of God who stand in Victory and don't shrink back when challenged. The world needs victors. The world needs friends of Jesus who held his hand through Hell and walked out the other side.

Where we have been and what we have a victory from should be spoken about. It should be celebrated time and again. The thing we wrap our personhood around should be that of our identity in Christ and the original design of the Father.

Don't stay marked by your affliction. Don't let the title of your story be that of a victim. Embrace the whole person you were designed to be. This person who has a testimony of overcoming through Jesus and now lives fully into the original design of their creator.
I am a Daughter of The King, I am a Devoted Wife, I am an intentional Mama, I am a Minister of the Good News, I am a Healed One! Who are you?


99% of my time is spent keeping small humans alive, sweeping up dog hair and figuring out what to feed my family. It’s not walking around on a spiritual high or sitting still in my prayer spot. Yet somehow I am walking out a deeply meaningful and alive relationship with God himself.

Our walk with the creator is not about a Holy Moment that shakes the earth. It is about the daily intimacy and inviting Him into our normal. Our invitation is met with a happy friend who wants the best for us.  He is cheering is on and seeing us for exactly who we are. That is what we want most after all.

Invite Jesus into your ordinary. When absolutely nothing is Instagram worthy. That is where you find your real friends. He will be sitting there simply pleased to be with you. Jesus is funny, Jesus is peaceful, Jesus is friendly. Invite Him to be part of your real life!!!

The quiet you find and the flow of grace to face and conquer from will define your life. This is where I live. Feeding my people, holding my kitties and watching my Jesus smile in my normal.

A man of many companions may come to ruin,
    but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
Proverbs 18:24

Now I Remember

I am learning to appreciate the process. To not focus just on the final destination but to allow the journey to reveal all of God that was intended. Not to say that I do not whine from time to time like a bored kid in the back seat.

When I acknowledge all that has passed and I recognize all that is promised suddenly the “right now” and “I AM” is made more evident. The journey can be slow but beautiful, and the present communication and formation of what God is creating can take our breath away.

We need only to remember and acknowledge.
Write down the victories friends. Rehearse the memories of what once seemed so far away that you now hold in your hands. When God gives you a promise either through prophecy or His Word record it. Return to His message to you. God is not afraid to be held accountable. He is heartbroken to be forgotten.  When we forget Him, we lose ourself, and the process becomes a painful place we stay instead of the route to the promise.

Psalms 63:4-8
Daily I will worship you passionately and with all my heart.
My arms will wave to you like banners of praise.
 I overflow with praise when I come before you,
for the anointing of your presence satisfies me like nothing else.
You are such a rich banquet of pleasure to my soul.
 I lie awake each night thinking of you
and reflecting on how you help me like a father.
I sing through the night under your splendor-shadow,
offering up to you my songs of delight and joy! 
With passion I pursue and cling to you.
Because I feel your grip on my life,
I keep my soul close to your heart.

Curling Up

   My kids learn better when we are physically touching. It may not be for all subjects but certainly for reading. We began with teaching them both together. Everything we teach our son we also offer our daughter. This seemed to be working until we realized that our son who loves numbers but isn’t a fan of reading. He would wait for his very verbal sister to answer and then respond.
I then broke it up one at a time, and that certainly helped things. Then one morning instead of letting them spin and stand on their head beside me. I pulled them one by one onto my lap, and we did our lessons. It was magical! They were calmer, more focused and somehow even without much affirmation they felt seen and brave.

I am the same way with God. When I need to face or learn something new. The ability to get overwhelmed or overstimulated is always present. If I choose to stay close enough to hear His heart. If I have decided to sit in His lap today. Not yesterday because yesterday’s don’t count today. As I curl in for this day and rest as I take in the new, I flourish.

I can not describe the deep satisfaction of watching my kids learn and grow. I am even more at a loss for words as I feel the pull of their beautiful souls on mine waiting to be seen. My Heavenly Father feels the same. I am seen, I am connected, I am learning.

Curl up in His lap guys. He has all the answers, and He can not wait to hold you. 

Lost in the Reading

I see paper hearts hanging from strings. They are dangling from the ceiling and fluttering around me as I walk into the room. This room is our secret place. The space my heart runs to when I talk to my King, my friend and the lover of my soul.
There are so many hearts brushing across my face and tickling my ears.
Then I stop and grab one. Each heart has words on them. I couldn’t even see them until I took the time to pause and look closer. The words are written in the unmistakable handwriting of God. Once you see His writing in your life there can be no counterfeit. I realize what I am holding is a love note.
This love note tells me that I am beautiful. He finds me beautiful. The next note I grasp savors the glee of listening to my children play together. The following letter talks about His desire to exchange every grief for joy.
I realize that in our daily lives if we will stop when the moments brush up against us. What we will find written is a love note from our King. The moments, memories and genuine exchange of authentic relationship. This comes in the pausing and reading, in the sharing the details and remembering, again and again, He has been there through it all.
I am so thankful for the daily hanging notes. I want to get lost in the reading.

Look with wonder at a depth of the Father’s marvelous love that he has lavished on us! He has called us and made us his very own beloved children.
1 John 3:1

His Kindness

The kindness of God is singing over us. I am rather tired this week, and in every quiet place in my heart, the kindness of God is singing to me. He is singing of Grace and the next prepared step. He is singing of victories small and true.

Don’t let the tired get the glory of your lips. Let the ever-present kindness and mercy of your Father get the glory for His faithfulness at every turn. Get quiet guys. Even if that is two extra minutes going potty. (Yep. I said potty) You will find His kindness and the song of Victory being sung over you. My God is Faithful!! His mercies are new every morning, and there is a beauty to behold in every single season.

Psalm 5:11-12
But let them all be glad,
those who turn aside to hide themselves in you.
May they keep shouting for joy forever!
Overshadow them in your presence as they sing and rejoice.
Then every lover of your name will burst forth with endless joy.
 Lord, how wonderfully you bless the righteous.
Your favor wraps around each one and covers them
under your canopy of kindness and joy.

God is Love

I found this old picture of my daughter in her beloved "God's Girl" T-shirt. It reminded me how I live my life with the knowledge that I am His, and I am treasured. The more I see of Him, the more I see in every person I encounter that they are His Girl, His Boy and they are treasured. How soon we forget, or we never were told of this fact.
I can feel in my heart that someone needs this reminder today. God is kind, God is patient, God is forgiving, God is LOVE. If you hear words of judgment, shame or pressure, It is not Him. Reject them and open the Word to remind yourself what our God has said.
Sometimes I get in the middle of self-imposed pressure and worry before I realize it has no true weight because my Heavenly Father is not saying this message to me. It is a matter of reframing what we are allowing in and living with based on the true nature of God. Now in the light of the fact that God is Love. We know all of the following to be true. Remind yourself today if anything contrary to this list has invaded your thought life, your heart or your circumstances. You are His, you are treasured, and He is Love!

That means we can interchange the words Love and God in 1 Corinthians 13:4-13. Check this out.

God is Love, therefore…..
My God is patient and kind;
My God does not envy or boast; 
My God is not arrogant or rude. 
My God does not insist on its own way;
My God is not irritable or resentful;
My God does not rejoice at wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. 
My God bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
My God never fails. 
1 Corinthians 13:4-13 


I see dreams floating around people like hearts, these Ideas that have followed some of you since childhood. Others have new dreams that just popped up and won’t go away. God wants you to know that NOW is the time to grab them. NOW is the time to put your hands to work in pursuit of these dreams.

Don’t worry about logistics the money, timing, know-how or having the right people to help you realize these dreams. God is the Master Project Manager. He is merely asking you to fully embrace these God-given ideas and watch Him partner with you to make them a reality.

The world needs what God has placed inside of you. You are His choice. It is your willing heart. He is after and NOW is the time to start.

Monday Morning

Good morning guys! It has already been a full Monday in our house. Nothing big going on just the start of a new week and the list of things I saved for "Future Niki". It started with making coffee for my sweetie, quiet time, breakfast for kiddos, animals to feed and dished to clean. Then I got to cut my son's hair with the new clippers I am getting used to and bathing both kids. I stood in my shower taking a deep breath having accomplished much in the last three hours. Then I heard the Father's voice. Do you know what scripture He had to share or great spiritual reflection He had for me?
He had none of the above. Instead, He said the very thing I needed to hear. He said, " You did great on Zachary's haircut!" That is a good friend!
This spirit-filled life isn't all meditation and worship music. It looks like your best friend being the creator of all things and meeting you in real life.
I encourage you to listen as He talks to you about your errands or your dog or how great your new shirt looks on you. We are in a real living relationship, and it is beautiful!!!


My heart is set. 
My ear is tuned. 

I have chosen forward towards all God has for me and wants to accomplish. 

This is my decision. 
It will produce life!

 Forward looks like choosing to meditate on what the Holy Spirit is saying 
and digging into the confirming Word of God. 

Forward looks like a joyful heart of expectation 
that produces words of thanksgiving 
and sings of what is to come. 

Forward looks like Today!!!

Philippians 3:12-14
I admit that I haven’t yet acquired the absolute fullness that I’m pursuing, but I run with passion into his abundance so that I may reach the purpose that Jesus Christ has called me to fulfill and wants me to discover. I don’t depend on my own strength to accomplish this; however, I do have one compelling focus: I forget all of the past as I fasten my heart to the future instead. I run straight for the divine invitation of reaching the heavenly goal and gaining the victory-prize through the anointing of Jesus.

I am learning

I learned something new last night.  We had eaten dinner. It was nothing we hadn’t eaten hundreds of times before. Everyone was settling in to watch the last 20 minutes of Trolls, and my daughter starts screaming. Her face is beet red, and she is grabbing her mouth.

As all mothers who have been deemed the  “throw up person” in the house know. You grab the kid and run to the bathroom. She continues to spit and cough and tell me her skin is burning. It was an allergic reaction of some kind. She then tells me it’s hard to gulp (swallow).

I start rebuking the symptoms and releasing healing and peace, I’m praying in tongues, and nothing seems to be changing. Then I closed my eyes, and I saw the Father. My Heavenly Father was massive, powerful, kind, loving, concerned and waiting on me. He reached out His hand, and He said,

“Will you give her to me now? “

I was sitting on the bathroom floor holding and rocking my distraught daughter, but I  could still choose to do it. I saw myself handing her to Him. Instantly she stopped shaking and asked me for cold water. The red drained from her face and she started laughing at the Trolls music she could hear playing from the other room. Her daddy got her a cup of cold water and then sent her off to sing along with her brother.

Man y’all, the real choice of handing our cares and our treasures to Him always produces life. My heart is still pounding as I write this hours later. I want to remember to stop and cast all my cares upon the one who not only can help but who WANTS to help! He is our Good Father.

1 Peter 5:7
Pour out all your worries and stress upon him 
and leave them there, 
for he always tenderly cares for you.

Red Balloons

This morning the Lord showed me red balloons floating up to the sky. They were full of worries and things we are holding our breath concerning. I saw the Father take a needle and pop some of the balloons. Asking us to take a deep breath and quieting our hearts with His love.
Then I saw Him hand us a needle as we rested securely beside Him. He was teaching us how to pop these balloons and take a breath in peaceful trust.
God is showing himself trustworthy. He is demonstrating His faithfulness and to those of us who will respond with trust. He is training us to walk in greater discernment and wisdom.
This all starts in our thought life. He is right there. If you look, some things that have worried you are breaking right before your eyes. Don’t let this praise go unsung. Let it be turned into the beginning of a new level of trust and opportunity to be trained further in the ways of peace. He is a good, good Father. A good parent is eager to teach their children.

Proverbs 3:21-22
My child, never drift off course from these two goals for your life:
to walk in wisdom and to discover discernment.
Don’t ever forget how they empower you.
For they strengthen you inside and out
and inspire you to do what’s right;
you will be energized and refreshed by the healing they bring.


I saw a little girl standing in the front window of her house. She was watching with wide-eyed expectancy. Her ears were tuned listening, and every movement was noticed as she waited. I knew she was waiting for the ice cream truck to come by her house. I saw no money in her hands. She knew that when that truck came by, she would be more than welcome to come and enjoy its bounty.

The truck rounded the corner and drove straight to her house. In fact, it pulled into her driveway. I saw that no other kids were waiting by their windows. It came where it was expected.
The little girl ran out to the truck, and I watched to see what treat she would select. Instead, she asked for an entire box of popsicles. Without hesitation, the driver handed her the large box. She immediately skipping with it to her backyard where a group of neighborhood kids was playing. They seemed completely unaware of the goodness parked just out front. They didn’t seem to hear it's loud, happy music. The little girl began to distribute the treats to all the amazed kids.

For those of us who will toon our ear and watch with expectation. We will be met by a truckload of refreshment. This refreshment is not meant just for us. We are to gather it and carry more than we need back to our circle, our families, and our communities. We will bring them God's supply of refreshment.

Watch with expectation guys. Continue reading the Word so when it’s song begins to play you recognize it and run out to gather every good thing God has for you. Do not be disappointed when those closest to you are not waiting with the same anticipation. God knew it would be this way. He is going to use your relationship with Him and open hands to bring refreshment through you!


Ephesians 2:7
Throughout the coming ages we will be the visible display of the 
infinite, limitless riches of his grace and kindness, 
which was showered upon us in Jesus Christ. 

Good Father

God is our good Father.
His intentions are good. 
His thoughts about you are good.
His reactions when we mess up are good.
His storehouse of everything you could ever need is good. 
He is good. 

If we Pursue a heart picture of God based on the Word of God, this is the picture it paints. Suddenly the darts of the enemy are met by an accurate image of our uncompromising precious loving father. Those darts of doubt, fear, and torment have no place to land.

Even our own self-talk that spirals into a pool of pain. This pool starts to drain from the deep end as the actual image of the one who made us and treasures us is revealed.

In my own life the undone places and parts of me that seem to be in a cycle that never seems to grow past me. Those places unravel as I love on my savior, as I allow the Holy Spirit a louder voice in my everyday life. This is all intentional but what comes of it almost seems effortless.
He is a good, good father and He loves us.

Romans 8:15-16
And you did not receive the “spirit of religious duty,” leading you back into the fear of never being good enough. But you have received the “Spirit of full acceptance,” enfolding you into the family of God. And you will never feel orphaned, for as he rises up within us, our spirits join him in saying the words of tender affection, “Beloved Father!” For the Holy Spirit makes God’s fatherhood real to us as he whispers into our innermost being, “You are God’s beloved child!”