Grab It

This verse leaped at me this morning. Often I will see a scripture, see a picture in my mind or remember a verse. It will come and then goes almost like a leaf floating by. I have the opportunity to grab it and study it or let it float along.

Often within a few hours, the same thing will float by again. The Holy Spirit is so kind as to give me more than one opportunity to grab what God is saying. When I do grab it after meditating, reading, writing it, or singing it what I see is expanded. God doesn’t often clarify or even color in the picture until I choose to hold it and look closer.

If you have something float by today, grab it! If you have missed an opportunity, look for the next thing, God highlights for you. What He brings will always be accompanied by Peace and never contradict the Word of God. This practice is like a muscle and will become a life source for you to perceive what the Father is saying to you.

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