Thank you for sending me here and now. You could of never sent me to this place. You could have never made me. But you choose carefully my life and the weapons you handed to me along with your name and authority. What an honor to be your ambassador and child.
Thank you for our world, our cities, our towns, and our homes. That are being told of the good news of Jesus and His established victory! We will see your kingdom come, and your will be done.
We will see every evil turned for our good. We will see captives set free, hearts healed, cultures change, justice served, and every illness leave. We are your carriers of light! For such a time as this. Thank you!!!

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Katie Walsh said...

This is so very simple and besutifully written . I am bew to your sitebut i just feel so deeply into my heart and soul thst this us whers He wants me to be right now. Do you have any teachings i can download az i go to sleep? I love to do that. I put my bluetooth headset on and i listen to Andrew Womack speaking the word as i go to sleep. For me that is my best way to learn.
I love me Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Ghost with every vell in my body. i am a born again spirit filled Christian. I still habe so much to learn. I have only been a Christian for a few years. I have so very much to learn yet. I just turned 72 2 weeks ago. I have a million questions and am trying my very best every day to make him proud and glad that he made me.
i watch Andrew every chance i get. I saw your story Nikky and i have so many things that you had . I hVe been in a wheelchair
for 6 long years. It has taken me almost a year to get a Hoveround wheelchair. I am happt not just because i am getting it but i know i am going to be healed of every illness i havs Ine day i will not need it at all ! I need prayer Nikky. twice this yeat my heart stopped snd they did cpr and put me on a ventolater. I was a nurse gor ober 30 years , and yet i was scared to death, i was in a coma but yet i prayed to my Father and i actually talked with him. I felt all the fear i had just gradually leave me. God told me it was not yet my time to come home.... I cannot write anymore now i will later. It is 2am and i must try to sleep . I really just wanted to say hello . I will wriye again soon you can write md back if you wish to . God is not finished with me yet. I am a diamond in the ruff now. God bless you Nikki ! ~ Katie Walsh