The Christmas Star

This week marks the 18 year anniversary of receiving my healing! My God is faithful, He is Healer, He is all the Word of God promises! Please celebrate with me. I had on my heart to share one of the ways I love to rejoice!! #1 I decorate for Christmas!!!

I love Christmas! I always have, and this is due in significant part to my Grandma, and the yearly magical trips up north for a big family Christmas. It took place in a cozy little basement with a million presents, and the room was full of people who all wanted to be there.

When I was healed, it was in November right before Thanksgiving. I found this beautiful tree topper and loved it so much I wanted to keep it out year round. My mama figured out a way to decorate my bed with the star at its head. Now 18 years later this star is still a treasure to me. It now adorns the top of my family Christmas tree. It is a symbol of my love for Christmas, the color Red but most importantly it reminds me of a firmly held Victory!

Do yourself a favor and print the pictures, wear the t-shirt, make the meal. Whatever it is that reminds you of the victories in your life. Big or small they deserve to be celebrated.

If you don’t want to wander in the wilderness but instead march directly to the next land of promise you must remember. The Israelites spent 40 years wandering the desert because they didn’t rehearse their past victories. They didn’t tell their kids what God did so many years ago. Remember and rejoice!! Celebrating is part of a victorious life! It is also one of the sweetest parts!

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