My List

Recently I was trying to get to a place where at least something was finished. As a mom, it seems like groundhogs day when I assess what needs to be done. Add in Holidays, or animals or life really and the list gets downright stupid. I had made the mistake of getting tired without returning and allowing God to dictate my day. Then the Holy Spirit told me the following. I wrote it down, and now weeks later He asked me to share it with you. This is a word for every single day. It should be written on my arm.

"Sweet Girl,
I don’t want things done. I don’t want your list full of items checked off so I can add more to accomplish. All I really want is your YES. I want you to celebrate your obedience. When you take stock of, where you are in the day. I want the measuring stick to be that of an obedient heart. I can do so much with a heart that is quick to obey. 
Start celebrating your obedience. Dance with joy when you know the few things you have put your hand to are the ones I asked you to touch! You will be fully satisfied, and I will be set free to move even farther on your behalf."

Without fail when I slow down and intentionally seek to obey instead of dictate, the day is good. What gets done is done well and what falls away has no consequence. Please take the words He sent to me and make them your own. My God is my friend. My God is your friend!

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