He Delights in Victory!


Did you know that God absolutely loves to hand you Victory? He delights in you and your success and freedom is His heart’s desire. Return to the Word today friends and let Him show you the way towards everything He has for you.

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Miri, Miah and Rachell said...

Thank you for your posts for today and the Bible study on YouTube. Joshua 1:9 is what God gave me when I was seeking Him. This last week watching Healing is here Conference brought a new revelation knowledge of some things that I had seen but didn’t grasped the fullness of them. I had seen your story more than twice years ago and last week it just clicked it did something in me as well as other testimonies that were shared. All ties up to today’s word. I know it’s not the end but it’s an amazing beginning in a new revelation in Him. Thank you! Blessings from Huntsville, TX. In His love, Miri.