All the seeking. All the looking for answers. The choice to never be satisfied with less than abundant life. It is worth it. 
When God designed us. We were created to thrive and live in a grace-filled Rhythm. None of this, ”just getting by, always a fight, junk!”
You are right to be still seeking more. The thing deep inside that says, ”Keep Going! Don't Stop!” that is the Holy Spirit.
He wants you to use your will not to settle, not to give up. You are right in your discontent. You also know that only your designer holds all the pieces to the life you know you were made to live.
Until we get to Heaven, we are faced with the choice to settle or press into more of what God has for us. It is a growing, learning, stretching, and satisfying dance. Keep Going! Keep asking for more! Your designer is thrilled to give you a fully satisfying life! Don’t settle!


Unknown said...

Speaking directly to me. Thank you Niki!


Unknown said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is so hitting home. I am going to write it down.