Correction Can Be Sweet

It has been a challenging week for me as a parent (growth spurt, colds, Big feelings in little people.) So much of my time with my children is spent teaching them emotional intelligence. How to interact with other humans. How to navigate relationships and even decipher their own feelings. A significant way I am teaching my kids is by being honest with them about my feelings and failures. Showing my humanity is humbling to me and empowering to them.

I lost my cool with my son yesterday. I raised my voice and got fussy when a simple conversation would have solved the problem. As I was tucking them into bed, I apologized and asked him to forgive me. My sweet boy hugged me tightly and said," I'm sorry I got frustrated, too, mama." Man...... God is so faithful to teach me.

You know what? My Father God has never had to apologize to me. Not even one time. He is always kind, always loving, never selfish, or defensive. He gives us the loving discipline and emotional intelligence to grow and learn like humans. All while He is perfect in actions and words towards us.

If the voice of correction you are hearing is a voice that should apologize for lacking in biblical love, it is not your Heavenly Father. He is always kind, always loving, and speaking life over you.
Keep the written Word in front of you and remind yourself how the Father truly speaks to you. You will receive truth and give out of that truth. You will know exactly where to run, and your words and actions of repentance will happen quickly when you mess up. He is our Good, good Father!!

Psalms 94:12
Lord Yah, there’s such a blessing that comes
when you teach us your word and your ways.
Even the sting of your correction can be sweet.

1John 3:1
Look with wonder at the depth of the Father’s marvelous love that he has lavished on us! He has called us and made us his very own beloved children.

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