Curling Up

   My kids learn better when we are physically touching. It may not be for all subjects but certainly for reading. We began with teaching them both together. Everything we teach our son we also offer our daughter. This seemed to be working until we realized that our son who loves numbers but isn’t a fan of reading. He would wait for his very verbal sister to answer and then respond.
I then broke it up one at a time, and that certainly helped things. Then one morning instead of letting them spin and stand on their head beside me. I pulled them one by one onto my lap, and we did our lessons. It was magical! They were calmer, more focused and somehow even without much affirmation they felt seen and brave.

I am the same way with God. When I need to face or learn something new. The ability to get overwhelmed or overstimulated is always present. If I choose to stay close enough to hear His heart. If I have decided to sit in His lap today. Not yesterday because yesterday’s don’t count today. As I curl in for this day and rest as I take in the new, I flourish.

I can not describe the deep satisfaction of watching my kids learn and grow. I am even more at a loss for words as I feel the pull of their beautiful souls on mine waiting to be seen. My Heavenly Father feels the same. I am seen, I am connected, I am learning.

Curl up in His lap guys. He has all the answers, and He can not wait to hold you.