I saw a little girl standing in the front window of her house. She was watching with wide-eyed expectancy. Her ears were tuned listening, and every movement was noticed as she waited. I knew she was waiting for the ice cream truck to come by her house. I saw no money in her hands. She knew that when that truck came by, she would be more than welcome to come and enjoy its bounty.

The truck rounded the corner and drove straight to her house. In fact, it pulled into her driveway. I saw that no other kids were waiting by their windows. It came where it was expected.
The little girl ran out to the truck, and I watched to see what treat she would select. Instead, she asked for an entire box of popsicles. Without hesitation, the driver handed her the large box. She immediately skipping with it to her backyard where a group of neighborhood kids was playing. They seemed completely unaware of the goodness parked just out front. They didn’t seem to hear it's loud, happy music. The little girl began to distribute the treats to all the amazed kids.

For those of us who will toon our ear and watch with expectation. We will be met by a truckload of refreshment. This refreshment is not meant just for us. We are to gather it and carry more than we need back to our circle, our families, and our communities. We will bring them God's supply of refreshment.

Watch with expectation guys. Continue reading the Word so when it’s song begins to play you recognize it and run out to gather every good thing God has for you. Do not be disappointed when those closest to you are not waiting with the same anticipation. God knew it would be this way. He is going to use your relationship with Him and open hands to bring refreshment through you!


Ephesians 2:7
Throughout the coming ages we will be the visible display of the 
infinite, limitless riches of his grace and kindness, 
which was showered upon us in Jesus Christ. 

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