Come Away With Me

I hear the Father’s voice whispering “Come Away with Me.’”
This is how I start most days. This past year has been one of me seeking God’s heart more and making an effort first thing to get up before the people that need me and seek Him.

For years with nursing babies and busy toddlers to manage the idea of getting up an hour before my family was unimaginable. If you are In a holding, nursing, chasing season, please disregard what I am saying and go lay down.

Mama’s, grandmas and men of God who are not chasing after tiny minions. I can not say enough about the fruit that comes when you prioritize the seeking of God’s heart before you are sought after by the world.

This doesn’t always happen for me. I don’t set my alarm for Sundays. Honestly, there are some nights where sleep is avoiding me and getting up would mean a grumpy short-tempered lady greeting my kids at their chosen wake-up time of 6 am. I sleep in on those days.

I would like to encourage you wherever you are. Make a dedicated time to sit and ask the Father what He is thinking, read the red words and meditate on the things the Holy Spirit strategically places for you to live a life of victory! It will be worth it! 

Psalm 5:3
At each and every sunrise you will hear my voice
    as I prepare my sacrifice of prayer to you.
    Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on the altar
    and wait for your fire to fall upon my heart.

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