A Word for 2019!

This is the year where God’s Providence will be made evident. Where the divine care and preparation of your Heavenly Father will be shown in such great detail, even the unbeliever will stand and marvel. 
Come away when He calls you to spend time in the secret place with Him. 
Toon your eyes to see the workings of the master on your behalf. It has been there your entire life but the season you are living in will make apparent those who are agreeing with His plans and those who are not. Step into agreement and marvel at what was set into motion decades ago is birthed before the nations.  
This is going to be a year to remember, and I for one can not wait to record it!!
My God is Faithful!!!

Psalms 145:13
You are the Lord who reigns over your never-ending kingdom through all the ages of time and eternity!
    You are faithful to fulfill every promise you’ve made.
    You manifest yourself as kindness in all you do.

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