Vision Possible

"Our Visions are not only highly important to us but highly important to God. Why else would He have created within us the ability to think, imagine and dream?" -Butch & Julieann Hartman

Every Vision, idea, and dream, I have in my heart was put there by God. I have been in a season of growing, planting and expanding these visions. The first steps and what my practical part is in their execution have been my hangup. My incredible friends released a book this month on this very subject, Vision Possible by Butch and Julieann Hartman! I love these people and the successes they have achieved in life and for the Kingdom Inspire me greatly!
 I sat down excited to read what Butch and Julieann had written. I specifically asked the Holy Spirit which vision He wanted to grow farther. I have Visions concerning almost every area of my life, my marriage, children, my physical body, ministry, finances, etc.
God honestly surprised me when He said, "Let's focus on the vision for your Homeschool."  We are two years into this homeschool journey, and the task still feels so big. It is interesting that the things God calls us to are always bigger than ourselves.
Within the first three chapters of reading, I had written a clear "Vision Statement" for our school. Next thing I know I had identified the fears and concerns that were causing me to hesitate in fully executing my part. I know this may seem like a plug for a book, but this is not a book it is a tool.
We do not just serve a God of Vision but one of Clarity! That is what this book has brought to me. I have applied it to the sharpening of my vision but also the practical steps and advice written from a place of great experience were incredibly helpful. I am excited to see which area God focuses on next. I know I will apply the same steps and scriptures to the cultivating of that vision.

What is a dream or Vision God has planted in your heart? If you are looking to sharpen and pursue that vision if you have a business, ministry or idea you long to see manifest. I highly recommend this tool for your journey.

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