White Feathers

I saw beautiful white long feathers floating into the hands of many people this morning. The feathers landed perfectly placed to begin to write. Each person seemed surprised that they had something new to proclaim. Though each person's handwriting looked different, the source was the same. It was the Spirit of God proclaiming Freedom over the earth.
God used feathers as the writing implement to show the unexpected ways people will be invited to proclaim their words. Though the mode of delivery may appear to be awkward or antiquated, it quickly flowed with ease, power, and great beauty!
Do not be surprised when new opportunities to share come before you. You will have words that flow from your testimonies of past Victories! You will have insight and a burning vision of what God is doing and what He wants to release in the world around you.
When the feather settles in your hand, you may question it but begin to write! 

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