The Quiet Voice

These are my pups Ranger (the dappled one) and Scout(black and white one). They are 6 months old. (Insert cute cooing!!)
I have found that unless I speak deeply and with great authority, they don’t respond. My husband could whisper, and they would snap too. Not me, I’m the nurturing, always there and familiar voice. What they don’t get is I’m the feeder. I’m the one who gets up and feeds them at 6 a.m. I am the one who buys their treats and makes sure they are clean.
I know I take the quiet, familiar voice of my nurturer for granted often. Always there, never late, faithful in every way. Lord, help me choose to be still and hear You. Then let me respond quickly to your heeding. You are a good God. The God that is for me and brings strength to my bones. Show me how to be quiet and respond!!

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